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Over 14,000 households in San Mateo County are at risk of eviction on June 30th, 2021.

News from Sacramento

The Legislature and Governor must pass an extension to the eviction moratorium before June 30. It would most likely be passed as a budget trailer bill. Thus far, no moratorium extension has been included in the budget.

While there is progress in the legislature towards improving the debt relief program, without an extension of the eviction moratorium, those improvements will be meaningless. The debt relief program needs to be improved AND given time to work. As of today, no protections are secure at the state level.

News from San Mateo

Following several weeks of public pressure from Faith in Action Bay Area leaders, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors committed to putting local eviction moratoria on the June 29 Board of Supervisors agenda. "Should the Governor not sign it, we better be prepared and have some action plan in place to assist those who are potentially going to be evicted," Supervisor Carole Groom stated.

Supervisor David Canepa referenced the scripture shared by Rabbi Moshe Heyn of the Coastside Jewish Community, and added: "If the state does not extend the moratorium, I think we should be prepared to pass our own ordinance at the June 29 meeting. I am proposing a 120 day moratorium."

Supervisor Don Horsley noted his intention to sponsor the item with Supervisor Warren Slocum. The Supervisors requested that staff prepare one moratoria extension for the entire county and one for unincorporated areas, while county lawyers consider the legal terrain of these policies.

Data: Let's Do the Numbers

How many San Mateo County families are at risk for eviction? According to Urban Footprint, an estimated 14,060 households in San Mateo County have rent debt as of March 2021--through no fault of their own--leaving them at risk of eviction.

How many San Mateo County households have applied for rent relief funds? 1,843, which means that 86.9% of families who need rent relief have not yet applied for it.

Here are some important findings from Faith in Action Bay Area's phone calls to tenants and landlords in San Mateo County:

  1. There is not enough outreach to landlords and tenants who hold/owe rent debt and could benefit from the program. Many small landlords are unaware of the program--of the 57 phone call respondents who requested more information, 49 (87%) were unaware of the program.
  2. The program is not accessible. Applications must be completed online on a technologically complex platform, and many low-income families do not have access to computers, internet, or technological assistance. In addition, the application is being initiated in English, and many families lack language support.
  3. The money is being disbursed too slowly. As reported in the Pacifica Tribune, only $314,037 of the $20 million (just 1.6%) requested in San Mateo County has been paid out. We cannot rely on this program to protect San Mateo County families from eviction.

What Can We Do?

Want to get involved with spreading the word about these desperately needed funds? Email Leora (


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Would you like to talk to like-minded community members who support more housing? We’re opening our Nextdoor group to all San Mateo County residents! Our group began in the city of San Mateo to defeat exclusionary zoning, and now we’re expanding to the whole County. 

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New Report: The Impact of Rent Control Policies

A new report from the Urban Displacement Project finds that California’s existing anti-price gouging policy has limited or no impact on the feasibility of new housing development.
Click here to read the policy brief.


Call Your Members of Congress to Urge that Housing Investments Are Included in Any Infrastructure Package!

Members of Congress are working to reach a compromise on an infrastructure package that could pass with bipartisan support. So far, however, these negotiations do not include robust investments to make housing affordable to America’s lowest-income and most marginalized households, even though President Biden and Democratic Congressional leaders have called for it.

It is critical that any infrastructure package includes the HoUSed campaign’s top priorities for the bill: an expansion of rental assistance to every eligible household; at least $70 billion to repair public housing; and at least $40 billion for the national Housing Trust Fund to build and preserve homes affordable to people with the lowest incomes.

Call your senators and representatives today and demand that the HoUSed campaign’s top priorities are included in any bipartisan infrastructure package.


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Peninsula Clean Energy is offering up to $800 off the purchase price of an electric bike for income-qualified residents in San Mateo County! Why buy an electric bike? People buy electric bikes because they are healthy, clean, easy-to-use and low-cost. Click here to find out if you qualify!

Due to high popularity, a waitlist has been implemented. However, residents of affordable housing are highly encouraged to apply for the waitlist! Operators of affordable housing are also encouraged to pass on this program. Participant eligibility includes residency in affordable housing and Section 8 participation, among others.


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